River Gold has established itself as a Kiwi branded Raw Honey supplier with its foundation of premium honey being its remote high country location with an abundance of pasture, wildflowers and bush nectar. The honey is traced and tracked to each apiary in each location, giving the customer the knowledge and experience of terrain induced flavours. All beehives are unique individual, live homes to 40-60,000 bees that supply 20-40kg of excess honey that is harvested and consumed as a nutritious whole food. Without bees our human food source would drastically reduce by 70%, a reality that may happen – as all pesticides and insecticides kill bees.

River Gold prides itself on the exceptional care and maintenance of each beehive, bees are a thing of wonder and their honey is like gold. They need to be treated with respect, as we are living a symbiotic life now with bees and their care is of the outmost importance. That is why River Gold has transitioned into Organic practices to manage the Varroa mite and other diseases that bees succumb to.

Happy bees = happy honey.

River Gold produces ~ 8 – 9 varieties each year depending on the flowering of certain plants and trees.